Explode My Payday Review – SCAM OR REALITY?

Explode My Payday Review

Explode My Payday– Nowadays, in this era of the internet and technology people have somewhat become lethargic and lifeless. There are many people out there who just spends most of their time on the internet. Social media has become an outstanding platform where people share their life with others and get to know them as well.

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Everything has two aspects. One positive and another negative. Same is with social media and internet. It’s a boon as well as a bane for the today’s generation. When we talk about the positive aspects we can see that with the advent of the internet people have come close to each other. They got to know their old friends as well as they find new friends, which have become an integral part of their life.

People earlier had limited knowledge about any subject, but now there is information available in vast amount on a specific topic. It’s like an ocean of information available at just one click. The internet has been proved best for the students as they can study through the net and can get much more additional information about their topics. Also now everything is available at your doorstep. Be it food, cabs, cloth, grocery, dairy products, shoes, watches, mobiles and what not. All one needs to have is a good internet connection and a good device to access it. But after so many advantages there comes certain disadvantages too.

Now people have become close to their social media friends, but they are getting separated from the ones who are sitting nearby. The generation gap has been increasing as youngsters are busy with their phones and they are least concerned about what’s going on in the house. Also, because of so many social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the youngsters are getting addicted to these sites.

Not only this addiction is good, but youngsters now have developed a feeling of inferiority among themselves. Whenever they see their friends enjoying and celebrating at expensive lounges and cafes and if they are unable to afford such celebrations they feel inferior. They feel bad and they aspire for that kind of living. But instead of working hard to live such life they just keep scrolling these sites for hours and hours.

Not only this kills their time, but it also has an adverse effects on their health. Constantly watching screens damages eyes and distorts their sitting position and their whole body suffers, but this is not evidently shown right now and hence they are unable to understand the bad impacts and continue their actions.

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Also, when the advantages of the internet were disclosed one thing I forgot to mention was that now banking facilities are also available at just one click. Want to pay your bills, want to transfer money just visit the site and as per instructions do the needful. Many apps like Google pay, paytm and many more are available which offers lucrative offers on the transactions being done through their app.

They do this in order to increase the popularity of their app and attract more customers. Also not only this , when we scroll our fingers over the phone on social media or the internet there are certain advertisements on these sites. These advertisements show people that they can earn money in just 1 hour by sitting at homes without doing any work. These are the scams that people get trapped in.

Such sites ask for your personal information and bank details and the people who fall into such traps often end up losing money instead of earning. People should have this awareness. Nothing comes without hard-work. You need to put some efforts, then only you will be rewarded for it. All these are just scams and never ever believe them. People are so well educated yet because of greed they fall into these traps.

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Explode My Payday ….is one such platform. The creator of this platform named Meaghan Harper, a fake name they use often, they claim that they need 40-50 people to expand their business and they will pay them thousands of dollars for doing nothing. Not only this they hire paid actors who say that they have earned 4000+ , 1000+ dollars in just a week or month because of this site. All they will ask for is your email address and number. And people believing this does the same and ultimately they fool them. Once they get caught, they just change their names and sites and again does the same with different websites.

So basically these are just to make people believe them and when they give their confidential information they Instead of paying them, earns from them. So please be aware of these scams and educate everyone who uses this platform. Only hard work gets paid so don’t think you can make money just by giving your details and waiting for the results. Be aware and be safe. Don’t get trapped.

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Author: Arun Rathi

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