Ethelinda Reviews – Clairvoyance or A Witch? BUSTED

Ethelinda Reviews – Recently I had an experience of knowing my fortune through a medium upon which I relied great and wholesome trust that it could really help me practically. But I was wrong as to generate a fact that the medium proved itself to be vague, general and common to almost every situation of every individual no matter what.

Ethelinda Reviews
Ethelinda Reviews

Therefore, I have come up to reveal some of the existing facts in today’s real as well as abstract world which need to be looked into from getting deceived by the external elements and agents that may harm one’s financial status as well.

I came across an online medium of knowing one’s fate, which is headed by a spiritualist named Ethelinda. She is a lady who claims to reveal and disclose one’s fortune and destiny provided one approaches her via online medium.

And after responding to the problem put into question to her, she releases a mail composing of high intensity vague matter in terms of the living standard of common people. It is a universally proven fact that no one is too happy in this world. Every person has one or the other problem in his or her life.

Now, to further talk on the job carried on by Ethelinda, this would be worth stating that the response from her contains information regarding the present and past situations underwent by almost every individual living on this planet. She tries to influence the public by dictating certain buttered expressions, but if analyzed with a logical perspective, so it can be easily examined out to be full of prospective deception.

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A prudent person would face digestion issues in matters of assimilating the response of Ethelinda, to the mail of the incident person whereby he declares and tries to communicate the problem he is undergoing and seeks solution for.

Ethelinda Reviews
Ethelinda Reviews

Moreover, not only does the viewer makes out the deceptive and ambiguous content of her reply, but also infer in the conclusive sense that it is merely a job which Ethelinda is running in the form of online English astrologer and nothing more than that.

Therefore, it is to be taken into affirmative consideration with great caution that one should resist from these kinds of sources which try to innocently deceive the general public and affect their financial standards gradually. It shall always be kept in mind that no one can change anyone’s fate or life unless and until the concerned person wishes to change.

Thus, the medium in concern viz. Ethelinda shall be just viewed as to be a waste of time in light of the fact that mere motivation can be sought and looked for in one’s own mind and soul and for this, no external source is required.

Ethelinda sweetly does nothing but tries to convince and motivate the one who mails her the issues in life. Just guessing of the possible issue and circumstances the needy in undergoing, Ethelinda unclearly attempts to write an essay with an intention of convincing and motivating the person in concern.

At the end of her answer to the mailed problem, she also demands certain money for further help and to reveal out the actual fate and destiny of a person, which clearly indicates that at this particular point of time, she intends to begin with her business with the introduction of a new customer in the shop of the astrologer.


Thus, it is concluded in the closing stanza that one should always believe in a universally logical fact that fate is nothing, whereas by putting in hard work, one can create his own fate and no one from the outside has the power of disclosing your future or anything else related to your sole life.

Author: Abhishek Kumar
Editor: Arun Rathi