LCS Squared Review – It is a CRM software introduced by Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels that is aimed to help online business owners and digital marketers in generating leads and growing their business. It helps the users turn the cold traffic into hot traffic with little effort. It is a turnkey business system that not only helps you generate leads but also converts them. The program is created to provide it’s users effective ways to convert leads through training.

About LCS Squared

It is a turnkey system that helps you with lead generation and lead conversion. It provides you with a virtual assistant that trains you to get 1000 leads per month. The program is designed to provide you with an effective method to convert leads through thorough training.

How does LCS2 work?

It is an online program that teaches you everything you need to learn about business leads. It is a comprehensive program that teaches you about acquiring leads and effectively converts them.

The experts provide you with a step by step process on how to generate quality leads without having to buy ads, cold calls, etc. It teaches you how effortlessly you can set up a cohesive system and generate high-quality leads.

The program trains you to set up a comprehensive system to acquire leads and on how to build a relationship with the client. It helps you increase your sales 3X.

The 7 days masterclass explains even the complex stuff with clarity. The experts not only teach you the technical aspects but also the psychological aspects behind the business. Other than the training, you also get surveys, tags, takeaways, scoring points, digital cards, etc to gain more knowledge. It also offers a survey sales machine.

LCS Squared

What do you get from LCS Squared?

  • A door opening, converting lead magnet
  • 1000 leads per month
  • An agency license to resell the platform.

Lead Conversion Squared Features

  • Automated lead follow-up system: The CRM helps you follow up on your leads automatically.
  • A sales pipeline: It provides you with an automated sales pipeline to help you know where the leads in your funnel exactly are.
  • Agency program: It allows you to resell the entire platform by branding it as your own.
  • Email follow up campaign: This tool helps you create email marketing campaigns without any add-on tool. It allows you to create campaigns, send emails, send text messages, etc.
  • Chrome extension: This tool notifies you whenever you have new leads, text messages or even any hot leads.


  1. Easy to learn: This program is made for everyone as it is very easy to learn. The developers are experienced in the field of teaching and hence, they created a program that is easy to catch-up with.
  2. Proven method: It is a proven method to convert potential leads. The creator himself has already earned millions by using similar technology.
  3. Affordable: Just like previous programs by Chad, this program is also expected to be affordable.
  4. Limited technical skills required: You can learn the program even if you have limited technical skills and experience.
  5. Unique: The methods and strategies in the program are not only easy to follow but unique too.

Cons: The only con of LCS2 for now is that the program is yet to be launched. You have to wait till mid/late of September for its launch. Specifications

  • SRM software: The SRM software comes with good messaging and tagging system. It helps the users improve the way they run their business. The software provides you with methods that help you generate and convert quality leads.

  • Lead magnet: This is the most essential feature of the digital program. This feature helps you attract more clients by allowing you to customize the signup page and altering the digital business card.

  • Lead flow: Lead flow is another crucial feature of the program. This feature helps you gain 1000 leads per month and provides you with opportunities to grow your business.
LCS Squared Review

Is the LCS2 – 3 Day Business Masterclass program legit?

This program is 100% legit and helps you grow your business and get better revenues while generating leads. The program works just perfectly. From basic techniques to advanced, the program helps the users with every detail.

This all-rounder software will come in handy if you’re new to the field of digital marketing.

LCS Squared Price and Plans

Following are the different plans available and what you get with them. *

BASE PLAN ($997) single payment

  • Lead Conversion System
  • 3 days live training
  • 10 agency license
  • Virtual Assistant support
  • 3 bonuses to get a headstart in your business

GOLD PLAN ($1997) 2 payments

  • Lead Conversion System
  • 10 agency license
  • 3 days live training
  • Virtual Assistant support
  • 3 bonuses to get a headstart in your business

PLATINUM PLAN ($2997) single payment

  • Lead Conversion System
  • Unlimited agency license
  • 3 days of live training
  • Virtual Assistant support
  • 3 bonuses to get a headstart in your business.

*All plans include a monthly hosting fee of $9.97 Review


Lead Conversion System is perfect for new online entrepreneurs and digital marketers. The program helps the clients generate maximum quality leads and provides numerous growth opportunities.

That program is also user friendly and is designed to help the users build a good relationship with the customers. It is like a business in a box. It is a one-stop solution for everything related to digital marketing.