Best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (U.P)

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How to find out the best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut? But, before that let us understand what makes an institute the best for you.

Digital Marketing is a “Genie”, that will come out of its lamp and you will start earning in crores within the friction of time.

Is that what you think of it?

If YES, then you should maintain a HUGE distance from “Digital Marketing” and “Digital Marketing Institutes”. However, if you wish to learn sometime that can help you lead a beautiful and satisfying life, then it is for you.

YES, in this NICHE the success ratio is so HIGH that many are already generating in LAKHS every month. YOU CAN ALSO DO THE SAME AS WELL.

So, before we proceed further, I would like to congrats you for making the right move in the right direction by section “Digital Marketing” as a part of your life.

How to choose the:

BEST Digital Marketing Institute

Qualities of Good Digital Marketing Training Institute

Everyone claims to be the BEST. So, how you gonna find out which one is really the “Best Digital Marketing Institute“.

With our experience, we judge a “Digital Marketing Training Institute” on 7 parameters:

1) Institute Reputation

2) Trainers Expertise

3) Under Your Needs

4) Make It Understandable

5) Practical Approach

6) Placement

7) Afterward Services

1. Digital Marketing Institute Reputation

Firstly, kindly check upon the company background. With company background, I simply mean to learn more about the company and their products, like;

Company Establishment Period & Expertise Niche

Nowadays, since everyone is talking about “Digital Marketing”, any company has just introduced itself in this niche without any prior research or experience.

Example 1: A graphic designing company with expertise in graphic designing, one day just announced that they are offering a diploma in “Digital Marketing” soon after hiring new so-called “Digital Marketing Trainers”.

Example 2: A young boy after watching several videos and reading some content provided by an online “Digital Marketing Course” for 699/- Rs, started his own YouTube Channel and promoting himself as a “Digital Marketing Trainer”.

And by just spending about 50,000/- on promotion, he got around 3000 – 7000 subscribers and several projects.

Also, he started selling his own course to his subscribers.

Unfortunately, if you become a part of or join such a group (Example 1 & Example 2), then you will not any benefit even after learning it.

Make Sure To Check The Company Profile…

Atleast some reviews provided by their old students. Like:

2. Your Expected Trainers or Mentors Expertise

I personally consider it as the most crucial part is you are paying for the information your mentor will provide you.

What if he/she is not that qualified as displayed by the institute?

Important Fact: Only a FEW digital marketing trainers actually have in-depth knowledge of all the topics. Yes, they can teach you all the stuff, BUT Expertise is different. So, ask your trainer to tell you about his expertise.

Also, having 2 or 10 years of experience does not make your mentor qualified. It is because all the platforms (Google or Facebook), keep changing their algorithms and policies. And a good trainer keeps a note on all those activities.

Try to find something trending online in the “Digital Marketing” and ask your trainer about the same. If he/she is able to tell you about it, then he/she is a perfect trainer.

3. Understand Your Needs

It is important for you to make sure that you have clearly mentioned all your reasons for joining the course. Like: You want a job or want to boost your business or promote yourself online, etc.

I am sure your Mentor will tell you the path he gonna teach you that will make sure you reach your goal.

If you are satisfied with it, go for it. If not, ask for one day and search about the options told to you by your mentor and how they actually work. And try to relate them to your requirement.

4. Make It Understandable

Do take a DEMO class. Every “Digital Marketing Institute” provides a demo session with the trainer. If possible, request them and try to be a part of the live class.

It is required just to see how the trainer handles the queries from students present in the class as well as how he makes them understand the topic.

As per our research, we found that major of the Digital Marketing Trainers uses both Hindi & English while teaching, which makes it easier for students to understand the topic.

5. Practical Approach

Trust me, Digital Marketing is all about Practical. The theory part is good enough till interview time. After you successfully cross the interview, Companies provide you with 1-3 months of training. However, they also evaluate your skill and previous knowledge that you have obtained during your course.

If they do not find you up to the mark, the company will ask you to leave.

So, the practical approach is mandatory. As you will better understand the platforms by doing practical.

If your institute is providing some practical training after the course is done, you can relax a bit as you will get a job for sure.

6. Placement

Now the course is done and you have done additional practical training as well. What Next? Definitely, it’s time to join a firm.

Where to go? What to do now?

It is not a problem in today’s time. 1000s of jobs are available online in the same niche. However, if you have done your course with a reputed institute, then I am sure they will provide you some sort of placement service as well.

Every good institute has collaborated with companies as well as placement agencies.

7. Afterward Services

Most of the time, even BIG and Reputed institutes do not provide afterward services. Once you get the job, they are done with you. However, it’s your trainer who might remain in touch with you and provide you some sort of support in the future.

If your institute provides you access to some sort of a membership portal or something which can be accessed online to read the latest content, updates and other information going around the web is GREAT.

Keeping all the 7 points in mind, I have shortlisted the “Best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut” below:

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (U.P)

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM)

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut

DIDM is the “BEST Digital Marketing Institute in India”. It was established almost 12 years back.

They have 11 centers worldwide. They are among the few institutes that have branches internationally.

DIDM is the ONLY digital marketing institute that has a collaboration with a news partner.

NEWS24 is an official media partner of DIDM. Even students can get a chance to do their internship with NEWS24.

DIDM has received the award of “Most Promising Brand” from ASSOCHAM.

Course: DIDM offers 3 different courses: Professional, Advanced & Master

DIDM Meerut Branch Address

2nd Floor, Darshan Plaza, Above ICICI Bank,

Opp. Samudra Hyundai Showroom,

Garh Road, Meerut – 250001

Contact Number:
701-779-4191 or 790-611-0281

Which is the MUST require courses to do in “Digital Marketing” for getting a handsome job?

1000’s of “Digital Marketing Institutes” are there in the market, offering 100s of different modules under the “Digital Marketing” umbrella.

BUT you do not need to do all those crap things to get a GOOD job.

You can get a JOB by doing few topics such as:

  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Search Console
  • SMM
  • SMO
  • eMail Marketing

If you want to make money online while working from home then, you should ask for:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Lead Generation

Appropriate Fee for “Digital Marketing Course”

There is no such clarification available on this. Every “Digital Marketing Institute” charges a different fee depending on the number of modules they are offering, the Time frame required to complete the course, the location of the center, and afterward services.

However, it is noticed that in India the fee starts from somewhere around 5000/- Rs and goes upto 1,00,000/- Rs.

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