How to Start Business in USA that can make you RICH?

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Wondering How to start Business in USA? As a Legal Business Planner, I have helped over 3000+ different business to get started.

We completely understand the requirements, legal documents and basic structure in order to get clearance from the respective departments.

How to Startup Your Own Business ?

The very first step is to make it very clean in your mind about: What Business to Start? IF, in any case you are not sure then below we have given the list of businesses you can start from Home and Continue online.

  • Lip Gloss Business
  • Vending Machine Business
  • Medical Transport Business

LipGloss Business

How to start LipGloss Business

Cosmetic Industry is booming with very rapid rate every year. In 2018, Industry estimated business was of $500+ Billion and is expected to turn over $800 Billion by 2024

How to Start a LipGloss Business
How to Start a LipGloss Business

Out of which Lip Gloss and Lipstick collectively did a business of $12 Billion in 2018 .and will reach upto 20 Billions by the end of 2024.

And we have seen many new brands coming in the marketing with high quality at cheaper prices and after taking the business of the established brands.

In the last 2 years, many case studies were noticed where an ordinary man or women become a millionaire just by selling a single cosmetic product (lip gloss or Lipstick).


How to start a lipgloss business?

One of the quickest way to start your own lipgloss business is by buying whitelable lip gloss from the open market and label it with your own brand. Definitely FDA is involved in it, make sure you fulfill all their requirements in terms of safety and quality of the product.

Once your product is ready and now you want to publish it online or offline. Please ONLY make claims of what the product is made of.


IF you use the word ORGANIC‌ Lip Gloss then, it should contain 95% of the organic components or items as well as In term of Organic product you need to take a clearance from USDA as Organic product lies under the USDA.

However, the product category “cosmetics” comes under FDA, so you must get the approval from both the departments before launching your product in the market.

Vending Machine Business

How to Start Vending Machine Business? Running a vending machine business is among the best business in the world.

How to Start Vending Machine Business
Start a Vending Machine Business in USA

However, you need to take care of the things given below:

  • Vending Machine
  • Space
  • Product

Vending Machine: Firstly, you need to decide that which type of vending machine you wanna buy. Is it going to be of toys, candy, snacks.
It comes in multiple price range starting from $xxx upto $5xxx.

However, buying a vending machine worth $5xxx actually do not worth at all. You will be able to generate that much amount in years.

It is highly recommended to buy a refurbished machine to get started.

Space: You need a place with more foot fall. Even if you have that near to your house, you can place it outside of your house or rent a space in a shopping mall.

Product: Try to choose a product with higher margin or profit. And little adjustments in the machine working pattern will do a great job.

If you do the all steps correctly. Your business will start within $2500 and you will start generating profit from the very first day.

Medical Transport Business

How to start Medical Transport Business – The growth in the healthcare industry offers a great business opportunity. The market is limitless for medical transportation business. It is a booming business opportunity that provides a valuable link to those in need. But you do need to have a few things in place before you launch your medical transportation business.

How to start Medical Transport Business
How to start a Medical Transport Business

The 6 steps required to start a medical transportation business are:

1) Select a legal structure – You will have to decide a legal status of your business such as proprietorship, partnership or LLC (Limited Liability Company).

2) License and permissions – Like any other business, there are certain license required for practice.Some of the things you will require are –

• Federal employer identification number.

• Local business certificate and permits as required by your city or government.

• Article of incorporation filed with the secretary of state or a partnership agreement if you are in a partnership.

• Certificate of commercial liability insurance for atleast $100,000 per claim and minimum annual aggregate of atleast $ 300,000.

• Certificate of worker’s compensation insurance.

• Copy of driver’s license and driving records.

• Copy of proof of commercial vehicle insurance.

• Special vehicles permit or drivers’ permit (if applicable).

• First aid and CPR certificates.

• Copy of pre-employment drugs and alcohol tests.

3) Pick a name – You need to pick a name to operate your business under but make sure it is not already in use or trademarked.

4) Vehicles and equipment’s – You can start with one or two vehicles and gradually add more as business increases. Also, don’t forget to get good para-transit dispatch software to schedule and dispatch rides.

5) Deciding service hours – You can choose your hours of operations. You want to operate during busy hours so 5 days a week 7-5 are most common.

6) Market your business – Once you’re all set up, it’s time to go out and get your first client. Send marketing information to prospective clients to let them know that you are open for business.

And there you have it! These steps will help you get your medical transportation business in operation.

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