How to Impress an Interviewer during an Interview

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How to Impress an Interviewer: Impressing an ordinary person or a common man is something very different from impressing some designated personality from whom there exists a certain degree of chances to derive certain benefits.

How to Impress an Interviewer during an interview
How to Impress an Interviewer during an interview

Yes! You read absolutely relational what we are up to today.

The main concern of today’s study is on the ways to impress an interviewer. This is concerned with one such personality who is a partially deciding factor of one’s career and the prospective life ahead in a particular profession or a specific field related thereto.

            Thus, here we proceed with the methods which prove successful in impressing an interviewer.

How To Impress An Interviewer

 These are listed as follows:

  1. Handshake skills

Offering an untidy, dirty or sweaty hand to an interviewer for a shake is of moderately disruptive sense. Instead, try offering a hand to shake with full confidence and tight pumps raised from the side of the elbow so that it generates a feeling of professionalism in the physical contact.

  • Remain serious

Seriousness, at the time of interview, amounts to be the greatest attribute in generating a feeling of formalism and prohibition of casual behavior before the interviewer accounts for the maximum marks attraction and thus, more chances of success in the interview remain sustained.

  • Enthusiasm is must

Rendering a positive atmosphere to the interview is something worth quality. Being enthusiastic and showing utmost interest in the process of ongoing interview is the most required for a smooth conversation. Thus, enthusiasm is the most crucial element which showers, energy into the interview and spreads positivity all around in the atmosphere.

  • Possess a handful of questions to ask

This is another tricky trend which can facilitate confident approach towards conversing in a healthy manner. This is to say that asking questions from the interviewer or the employer, with regard to the nature of employment and the demands of the company which they pursue in the freshly appointed employees, leave a critical impact upon the interviewer in lieu of your zeal to know more.

  • Express restraints and resistances

This is to state that while at the interview, keep into consideration a basic fact of applying restraints at such questions or requirements where the question as to your salary or the money element is in existence.

It would generate a feel in the mind of interviewer that the interviewee is not money-minded rather shows inbuilt zeal for working for the good of the company.

Resist from indulging into cheap talks. Be strong enough to tackle nay kind of observational situation, if presented before you by the interviewer.

  • Element of asking for job is crucial

Many of the interviewees remain unsuccessful in their interviews just because of the simple reason that they seldom ask for a job. This sounds very simple, but it amounts to be very crucial in fields of interviews because it initiates a feel in the mind of interviewer that the interviewee has the desire to work in the company conducting such interview.

  • Memory is important

Your memory should be sharp enough to know the history of the company which conducts the interview. This would let the interviewer believe in the fact that you have enough knowledge of the company and you have been attached to the knowledge of company affairs and its updates. This would, however, also make the interviewer believe that you have a strong desire to serve the company with full heart and passion.

  • Be little humorous

This is another attribute of being into some good conversation with an interviewer, which requires the involvement of your sense of humor. This again lets the interviewer believe in your skill and presence of mind. Ultimately, the benefit will be gained by your conduct before the interviewer and therefore, a good sense of humor would bring successful results home.


            In the ending stanza, it can be stated that experiencing an interview demands personality and for that primarily, one should focus more on personality development rather the dreaming of the interview at first instance.

Thus, interview tactics and manners have been depicted above, but in order to build personality suitable for professional life ahead would be more beneficial if practiced for a certain good number of months or depending upon the capability, a good number of weeks even.

Author: Abhishek Kumar

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