Why Girl Education is Important ?

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Why Girl Education Is Important ? To know the parameters of education, nowhere is it reflected that education is an element based on gender or sex. It is clear from its very existence in the world of humanly bodies that education means to have knowledge of certain dimensions of life and be aware of the critical constituents of life on earth. This does not state that knowledge is gender-specific. Both girls and boys can have access to education. To learn is human. To know more is human. There shall be no opportunity left for anyone to deny the choice of education to any other subsequent being notwithstanding the gender of the concern.

Why Girl Education is Important
Why Girl Education is Important

The focal point of today’s talk is to conclusively opine upon the importance of girl education. Commencing with the historical outlook of certain nations where education was not an appropriate facility for the girls, it is to emphasize on the hardships that were faced by the girls being devoid of sacred education. Education brings enlightenment to young minds and if it is not imparted when the most required, then it renders wholesome darkness to the mind and soul.

Moreover, to keep girls away from education is not rational in the present hour as it has become very crucial to let every being irrespective of sex have full-fledged knowledge of the common and special dimensions of natural as well as social life. This would bring integrity and equality which supports the law of nature as well.

Why Girl Education is Important
Why Girl Education is Important

However, to specify and limit one’s concern to girl’s education, it is inferred that if boys alone are educated, it clearly states that they are updated with the realities. Contrary to which it can also be easily inferred that the opposite sex has remained absolutely unaware of what was due to them. For the sake of instance, biological sciences have taught much about the body structure and its functions. Moreover, science also teaches many aspects of dealing with critical situations when faced by one’s body. Bodily education is equally important for both the boys and girls because both the sexes possess a well-oriented body. So it becomes a fundamental right of every human being, boy or girl, to be educated in fields of biological science.

It is not confined to biological science but in other spheres of education as well, the same differentiation is observed and analyzed. Educating one in the field of social science, it is of paramount consideration to ensure that both boys and girls shall be aware of society and the way in which a healthy social relation and status can be developed. Girls when educated in various can lead towards a drastic and productive change in the society. Moreover, with the dynamicity experienced by the society from distinct ends, it is of no use to say that girls should not be educated.

To consider girl as a recessive object is not lawful as well in most of the countries. If seen typically, without a girl the society cannot propagate. To maintain and further sustain society, girl is the most blessed being on the Earth. Therefore, it becomes unaffordable to dilute the solution of education for girls. They cannot be resisted from education.

There are numerous living examples of girls who have been educated and reached ultimate heights. These account for the reflection of girls becoming astronauts, judges, doctors, engineers, research scholars, teachers, etc. These are the products of education. What is the harm in giving education to girls? If they become doctor, it’s beneficial for the society; if they become judge, again it’s fruitful for the society; if they become teacher, the absolute fruit for bright prospective society can be achieved. So why to yield less importance for girl education?

To further the point of importance of girl education, a comparative study shall be conducted which would easily and clearly generate a difference in the level of development in the past era and the present hour. This is to say that in the past, when girl education was not given due importance, it was seen that the graph of development remained static at inappropriate levels, but gradually with the changing scenario, importance of girl education raised and today, the graph of development of a nation is represented to be in exponential state of growth.


Thus, it is to be suggested that physical, political, social, economic and mental development is possible only when we are aware of our surroundings. This awareness should be free from the condition of gender or sex. Let all the creatures of God know more and more and experience more and more. Let every person whether boy or girl receive equal education and knowledge and be made aware of everything possible. Girls are also humans let them feel the essence of humanity and the related perspectives of the same. Thereby, raise the importance of girl education and promote it as much as possible by your good self Senor.

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