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Get Rid of Acne

What is Acne? Acne may sound very similar to all the people who are reading this. It is a very common issue of not only teenagers but a person of any kind of age group. Acne may happen due to any reason. We will talk about the complete chapter of Acne, right from its kinds to its cure, in this chapter.

Before getting to know about how to get rid of acne, let’s first look into how many kinds of acne are actually there.


Get Rid Of Acne





Blackheads appear as minute black dots on the skin. They usually are on the faces, particularly on the nose and the T area, but can also be seen on the back, neck chest, shoulders and arms. It is formed when a pigment known as melanin produced by oil glands and also which is found within sebum, makes contact with air gets oxidized and turn black. They are a mild painless form of acne.



Whereas blackheads are open, whiteheads are closed ones. They appear as small, white and circular bumps on the skin’s surface. Whiteheads are formed when a dirtied pore is covered under a thin layer of skin that leads to building up of pus. Although they are unsightly, this type of pimple is generally considered mild form acne.


  • PAPULES  –  When covered pores become increasingly irritated or infected, they increase in size and get deeper into the skin. If pimples get trapped beneath the skin’s surface, they can form papules: red, sore spots which can’t be seen.  They’re formed when the covered infected pores get highly inflamed and irritated, and get hard to touch. Since they’re inaccessible, they’re a bit more difficult to treat, and are therefore considered moderately severe acne.

Once you recognize the kind of acne that you have on your body, let’s know how you can treat them then.


Acne Treatment

Acne No More

Best Acne Treatment

For treating acne, one can opt for any treatment out of three. There are three general treatment routines. Some can be performed in union with one another, while others require special usage (as in the case of strong prescription medications).



  • Treatment by dermatologists:

Visit a doctor and get a consultation. A dermatologist can advice better on how to treat your acne as he knows exactly what it requires. He will suggest medicines and ointments too.


  • Self-Care:

Self-care routines and lifestyle preferences can also help in no acne faces. It includes all the things like, nutrition, hygiene, stress management, and good amount of sleep. This allows to prevent the acne from getting formed in the first place. Self-care practices can – and should! – be used in concurrence with all skincare treatments; they even deliver health benefits for those without acne problems.


Essential Do’s and Dont’s

Before one starts with regular skin care tips and essential acne’s do’s and don’ts, one should be clear about the fact that these are universally applied and tested tips. Though it may differ according to one’s skin type, yet proves out to be of great help.


DO :

– Wear sunscreen daily because the strong ingredients in acne medications can increase sensitivity.

–  Applying ice for fast relief and reduced swelling turns out to be a great solution.

– Eat a clean and balanced diet, and avoid oily, spicy junk foods that induce acne.



– Never, ever pop your pimples. It can lead to spreading of infection, burning of skin etc.

– Be patient with your skincare routine. The skin products that are available in the market can be too good to be true and hence may end up spoiling up your skin situation.

–  It is a myth that applying toothpaste on the acnes has excessively drying effects. Rather, it can either bleach the skin or may burn and inflame the acne.

So now when you know all about pimples and blisters and how to treat it, I hope that you will be able to get rid of all of them from your body.

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