How to Remove Tattoos at Home for FREE

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How to Remove Tattoos at Home for FREE

Remove Tattoo at Home
Remove Tattoos at Home

How To Remove Tattoos at Home? The world filled with a desire to capture a glimpse of everything beautiful and attractive is into the practice of sticking itself to the artificially designed expressions in the form of tattoos and certain such related animations thereto. Therefore, sometimes due to the exposure to such invariant and obsessive articles’ inception into one’s lifestyle, the subsequent and corollary result is that of unimaginative irritation and the adaptive approval of the same.

In other words, it is to say that the constant and ongoing application of such alien elements with the sensitive skin of human body becomes a cause of certain harmful infections and are susceptible of being removed as soon as possible.

Thus, today we come with a very helpful study for our viewers to know the remedial instances and tools of removing the tattoos which had been framed and introduced upon your skin in certain circumstances. In lieu of proceeding with the study, let us first talk about the idea of whether the tattoos can be removed easily or not? So to answer it in affirmation, we shall consider it to be valid as to carry forward the process of removing the tattoo.

Therefore, it is to be brought into consideration that at the time when the concept of tattooing commenced, it was believed that the tattoo would be retained in its permanent form, but subsequently with the passage of time and with the advancement in technology, it is now believed that the tattoo can be removed very easily by adopting various methods which include home remedies and the technical remedies as well.

Remove Ink from Skin?

Tattoo Removal at Home
Tattoo Removal at Home

Starting with some basic methods of removing tattoo from the skin , it can be discussed that tattoo ink can be removed by the application of warm water upon the designed area of the skin viz. the area displaying a tattoo upon it. Thereafter, a lemon shall an on the tattoo and constant rubbing and application of lemon juice facilitates the atoms of the tattoo to get loosened and dissolved into lemon juice molecules.

Then, wait till the area where the lemon juice is applied to get dried and subsequently as soon as you feel that the skin had got hardened at that spot, just wash away the portion with warm water again. This would definitely assist in the removal of majority portion of the tattoo. This is further a cost effective method of removing a tattoo from the skin.

Remove Tattoo Sticker –

Another common issue that comes across people of almost any age, whether young or old, whether child or adult, is that of removing the tattoo stickers, which are known to be temporary tattoos and show the sign of losing permanence and shine with time. So, here is a simple home remedy which can be used for facilitating the aim.

The use of mouthwash solvents, nail polish removers, common soap and water aids in the break-down of tattoo texture. Moreover, sometimes due to constant rubbing of skin to remove tattoo can cause rashes and scratches on the skin . So, in order to reduce the pain or inflammation caused, coconut oil can help manifold in that regard.

Remove an Eyebrow Tattoo:

To further the aim of removing the eyebrow tattoo, it is said that it is not an easy task and is prone to various threats of harm being caused at the advent of any step carried in this concern. Therefore, to protect oneself from the seriousness of its removal, one shall consult a clinician who has technical knowledge in the field of dealing with such external bodily creativities.

Thus, the tattoo from eyebrows can be removed by an expert or with the help of surgery, which would ratify the fact that certain scars are left after the process has been accomplished. Therefore, let us ensure that we do not indulge in such an animated world that would in the prospect harm our life or the cause of it.

Remove Tattoo by Laser

How to Remove Tattoos at Home for FREE
How to Remove Tattoos at Home for FREE

Getting a tattoo removed with the help of laser is a very threat prone method of engaging into. This is because the light beam used in laser is of high intensity which affects skin cells and may easily cause certain indifferent and hazardous infections.

Moreover, when laser is presented before the tattoo portion of the skin, it directly causes incidental reaction upon the pigments present in the skin cells. It may cause various infirmities in the coloration of the skin.

To further deal with the side-effects of the colourationlaser technique of removing a tattoo from the skin, there are the ones listed as follows:

  • It causes variations in the form of hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation in the skin cells. Hypopigmentation means that the area from where the tattoo colouration may suffer from loss of pigments and the adjoining area of the skin may adopt a higher contrast in that regard. On the other hand, in case of hyperpigmentation, the area from which tattoo is removed may adopt a high concentration of skin pigments and the subsequent adjoining are may suffer a lower contrast in matters of pigmentation;
  • Sometimes certain sustained and incurable infections may be caused;
  • A permanent scar over the skin can be left for lifetime and might not be removed by any possible method then;
  • Certain tattoos require various sessions to be conducted in order to remove them from the skin with the help of a laser method, which further causes serious harm upon the infliction of repeated laser beams.

How to Remove Tattoos at Home for Free?

Now, the time comes to discuss the home remedies for removing a tattoo from skin. This is said in furtherance of the methods that there are a number of such methods which can be successfully carried out at home to get rid of that irritating element form your sensitive skin.

These are listed as follows:

How to Remove Tattoo at Home with:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

To support the valid concept of removing a tattoo with the help of hydrogen peroxide at home, it is said that hydrogen peroxide alone cannot perform well, but when used along with baking soda, works effectively and easily removes the tattoo from the skin.

Thus, it is recommended that scrubbing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda over the affected skin with a tattoo, with thoroughly washed hands, free from infectious organisms, promotes the process of removing a tattoo from the skin.

  • TCA

You might be thinking that what does this ‘TCA’ mean? So here I would like to tell you that it is nothing strange but ‘Trichloroacetic Acid’. The use of TCA helps magnificently in removing a tattoo from the skin. TCA reacts with the skin cells and hits at the roots of the colour base inside the skin. It slowly removes the tattoo colour but also comes with certain dangers.

It may result in skin allergy, skin infections, discoloration of the surrounding skin, hypo and hyperpigmentation, etc. It shall be used with full care and precautions. Though being a cheap home remedy, it demands excessive caution and full knowledge to be used at specific parts of the body. It cannot be used ordinarily over the eyes, ears, nose or facial parts.

Home Remedies for Tattoo Removal

Removing Tattoo with Salt

Removing Tattoo with Salt
Removing Tattoo with Salt

Removing tattoo with salt is another home remedy for the concerned issue. But it is to be used with great courage again. This is because it would cause serious rashes on the skin, which would result in severe pain and irritation.

Application of salt over the tattoo and rubbing it for some time dilutes the color of the tattoo and also results in its partial dissolution into the atoms of salt. But simultaneously, it also caused rashes over the skin where it is rubbed. So, in order to remove those rashes and relieve from pain, coconut oil is recommended to be used to receive good sensation and recover from the irritation caused.

How to Remove Tattoos with Lemon Juice

Removing tattoo with a solution of salt and lemon juice twice a day results in easy accomplishment of the goal. It requires salt to be added to the solvent of lemon juice and constant application of the same on the tattoo. Leaving it for few minutes and then washing it off with warm water results in the part removal of the same. This method, when repeated twice daily, brings the best results and vanishes away the tattoo in a few days without causing any serious harm.


Therefore, it is concluded at the end that whenever you do anything, especially with your body part, a kind consideration of the threats that would originate out of your act or omission shall be kept in observance.

This would help none other than your good self. Moreover, regarding tattoo removal, an attempt has been made to collect and display before you the best methods to get rid of the same if you wish for.

Try once the methods discussed above to receive positive and true results, but the performance of the same demands sound precautions.

Editor: Arun Rathi

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